Movers Requests

Movers special requests

  • Purge, donate or sell off excess items that you no longer need to lighten the load

  • If items are packed inappropriately the mover may ask you to repack it

  • Unplug all large appliances

  • Use sturdy boxes

  • Clear all walkways for the movers

  • Do not over pack boxes, ensure that they can close properly

  • Wrap all fragile items up before packing

  • Label boxes according to the rooms you would like items to be placed

  • Label all boxes as “fragile” or “this end up”

  • Empty all drawers and cabinets for easier transporting

  • Place extra paper in the bottom lining of boxes for extra cushioning for fragile items

  • All valuables, perishables please transport it with you instead of on the truck


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