Kelley C.
Sparing personal details, my situation is the most stressful of my life and Mark was ever so kind, compassionate and flexible. I needed to change the move location from into a house, into storage, the dates and he was there to support me and those guys even managed to make me laugh. I thought there would be only 2 of them but 4 came, all great guys. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough!

In other moves I worked with Midway, Golan, perhaps others I can’t recall with no such sense of loyalty. Now I will never forget A&R and be ever grateful for their help. As long as I live in Chicagoland, they will be my #1 and only resource for moving. Hire them and don’t worry, be happy!

Sheryl D.
I’ve used them three times and I’m calling them for my fourth.  These guys are great. They do full moves (when my daughter moved) to small things (my mil from assisted living to full care and her possessions had to be moved) to moving pieces of furniture from our house to give to our daughter. Always friendly and careful and great prices.  I’ve moved many times over the years but I keep coming back to these guys.

Joe K.
A&R helped me unload a full 15′ U-Haul into my apartment.  They did a great job, no damage, unwrapped the packing materials and put the furniture in the right place.  They also complied with all of the apartment building’s strict rules. Would use them again, they took half an hour to do a job that would have taken me all day.

Natalie W.
Mark communicated clearly regarding pricing before our big move and when he became delayed by an earlier job. During the move he and his helper efficiently and safely packed up some heavy furniture and other odds and ends and helped me deliver it to a donation center and then to a storage facility. They were friendly and helpful and worked hard.

Noah C.
These guys are fast, responsive, and effective. All of my stuff made it to my new place, no damage, no hassles, they fit an entire one-bedroom apartment into their truck. And they were good about asking if boxes contained fragile items. Would absolutely call again for my next move.

Channel W.
Pros: They were quick, efficient and careful. They moved my daughter’s stuff from a storage unit and carried it up to her 3rd floor apartment (no elevator). In addition they unpacked our truck full of items  helped put together her ikea bed.

Cons: They were 20 minutes late BUT they discounted their original quoted prices and still worked two hours.

I would definitely use them again

Mark communicated clearly regarding pricing before our big move and when he became delayed by an earlier job. During the move he and his helper efficiently and safely packed up some heavy furniture and other odds and ends and helped me deliver it to a donation center and then to a storage facility. They were friendly and helpful and worked hard.

Terry A.
Mark of A & R Moving helped move items within our four-level home–all with stairs. We needed a very heavy treadmill moved from the fourth level to the first, and a credenza moved up one level. We were very pleased.

I like to support local small businesses, and A & R did a first class job in a professional manner. They arrived on time, worked efficiently and cautiously, and charged a reasonable fee. We will call A & R again for our moving needs. I highly recommend A & R Moving.

Amy K.
Marc and his crew did a great job. Take care loading out and into new place, made sure everything was where I wanted it, kept boxes organized, etc. They worked hard the whole time without breaks.  No breakage either!

Flavia R.
Flavia R. 
I had to move my bedroom to the other side of town and called these guys because I saw that they had really good reviews. I spoke with Mark and he set everything up for me. The movers were on time and got everything in the truck for me within a few hours. They were very careful with all of my stuff. They loaded everything up really quickly and I was able to move that day! Thank you guys!! Definitely recommend!

Jacqueline V.
Jacqueline V.
I was orchestrating my first move all alone and I was nervous that I would be overwhelmed trying to find the right company for the job. Luckily, I called Mark and he took my move into his capable hands. I booked rather last minute, and Mark was able to send out a team without any hassle, and my whole move was finished in about 3 hours. (1BR with large appliances and lots of furn.). They say moving is the most stressful time in a persons life, but I barely even broke a sweat! I totally recommend A&R

Aimee D.
Aimee D. 
These guys were truly a life saver! I hate passionately hate moving but these guys made the experience much more pleasant. Mark brought three other guys, four total, loaded up quickly and moved us to our new place, on the THIRD floor. Very polite, trustworthy, careful with my things, and quite reasonably priced. No complaints whatsoever. Book these guys!

Austin D.
Austin D. 
Mark, the owner, is a good guy. He really cares about his business and reputation. If something doesn’t go right, Mark will do whatever it takes to fix it.

Laura N. 
I had to move last minute, the guys were very helpful and provided me great service. All my stuff was packed nicely and everything i owned was taken care of. if i have to move again ill for sure use A & R moving.

Colin D.
Colin D. 
I would recommend these guys. Based on the positive reviews on Yelp, I called and scheduled A & R to move me from my 3rd floor condo into a single family home. It was difficult to move some of the furniture based on the set-up of my old place, but they were patient, persistent, and were able to disassemble (and reassemble) things when necessary. I felt the service was priced fairly (as mentioned before they do not nickel-and-dime you), the crew was positive and easy to deal with, and I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future.

Tom P.
Tom P. 
They showed up on time, worked hard, had a pleasant attitude.  What more can you ask?  Oh, did I mention that Mark is Jamaican and comes with all the associated pleasantry?  Moving can be stressful and he put me at ease.   It was a quick and painless.  I called last minute and they helped last minute.  Moved a 1 BR apartment across town. Total cost was ~450+tip for 4 guys for 3 hours. There was no nickel and dime add on fees.  They had equipment, they have an hourly rate, they showed up on time, and… boom! I’m moved! Can’t stress enough, the employees seemed happy and affable which made the whole experience a plus.  Would recommend!

Johnny W. 
These guys were great!  Showed up ten minutes early ready to work and did an amazing job moving very heavy furniture down narrow stairs!  Fast, efficient, and nice guys too.  I strongly recommend them and will use them for my next move!

Susan H.
Susan H. 
I would use A&R Movers again in a heart beat! It was the most cheerful team of movers that I’ve ever encountered! What’s more, they showed up on time, have fair rates and were even willing to dispose of furniture I no longer wanted. A load has been lifted!

Mari N.
Mari N.
This was my first time using a moving company and I had a great experience with Mark and his crew.
A& R moving was a great find. He is and his crew were prompt and very mindful of my breakables. They were a fined tune machine. I would highly recommend them!

Sunny G. 
Working with A&R movers was fanTAStic. It was my first time moving with a company without my parents, and quite daunting at first, but Mark and his crew made a really comfortable experience for me. I moved from Evanston to Downtown, and the staff was friendly, accommodating, and respectful. List of reasons why they’re great:

1. I had called only two days prior to my move date, asking to schedule a time. They said “of course” and came on time, at 9AM in the morning.
2. I can be forgetful–I completely forgot to take my bed. I only realized I had forgotten it after they all left! So I called back and asked if they could please pick it up and deliver it to me, and they did with no fuss, and charged only a small fee. What could have been a huge hassle otherwise ended up being quite simple.
3. Mark only charged for 2.5 hours even though the whole process took more than 3.5 hours (plus, he went back to Evanston to find my bed). Which reminds me, I should have tipped better……
4. I had a lot of stuff that I can’t pack into boxes, like vases with live flowers that I didn’t want to ruin/throw out. When I told Mark and his crew about this, they didn’t laugh, but instead respected my wishes and transported everything as is.
5. NOTHING BROKE! Everything was perfect.
6. They’re just really nice guys. Mark and his crew (there was Mike, and another man I didn’t get a chance to talk to as much) talked to me about food, moving to America, reality television, and a lot of other things that made the day fun.

Highly recommended!

Catherine H.
I chose A&R because they gave me the best quote.  They were a bit casual, with the main number just being a cell phone.  They were an hour late getting started, not a huge deal.  The whole process took quite a while, and to speed it up, my husband had to help.  This bothered me because he has a bad back, the whole reason we hired movers this time. So basically for another $100, I probably could have gone with another company that would have been on time, and saved my hubby’s back.  They were nice and easy to work with, but I would not hire them again.  They also left two of our items in the truck and we had to coordinate to get those back.

Beth A. 
Mark and his crew were prompt and careful with my move from a third floor attic. They were pleasant and very fair in pricing the job. I would recommend them and not hesitate to use them again.

Jill W.
Jill W.
I have used Mark / A & R Moving now twice and will be using them again. Both moves were short notice and we were accommodated both times. They are careful with everything, wrap what needs it, are able to break down and rebuild IKEA furniture which I hate doing myself, and are happy movers which makes it much better for those of us who aren’t.  They charge by the hour but don’t waste time.  HIGHLY recommended!!!!

Sophia L.
Sophia L. 
This was the most pleasant moving experience I have ever had. Our move was very short notice, and I had called 2 other moving companies before A & R Moving.  Both of the other companies made me go through an automated service and leave a voicemail and hope someone called me back in time. A & R Moving  actually had a human being answer my call! I scheduled my move for the very next day, and they happily agreed. They were also reasonably priced.

As far as the actual move went, I was very very happy with everything. Mark and his team  came to my building on time and prepared. They were friendly, but they also worked hard and quickly. They were careful with all the furniture, especially the TV’s, and everything was moved without damage.

Overall I highly recommend them, and I will be calling them the next time I move.  Our move was considered a long carry on both ends. We did not have elevators,  but the move from a vintage building , we had a deadline at the new place we had to be done by 5pm no exceptions!
So here’s my move story.  After 2 of the other moving companies didn’t work yeah the ones with the 4/5 star reviews and literally hundreds of reviews???  go figure..

I ended up with A & R Moving. and I’m REALLY glad I did.  They came in WAY under what I was quoted for the others AND under our budget .  First of all,  I used them for 2 separate moves. One for a smaller storage-run about a week before the big move and the other to our new digs.

They were professional, courteous and ON TIME!!   They also didn’t nickel and dime us for each and every scrape of wrapping or tape they used.. They charged us one fee for that and that was fine with us.  They wrapped our antiques, furniture, sofa etc.

Thanks A & R Moving and Mark’s team.  HIGHLY recommend!!  Don’t just assume those other movers with hundreds of reviews are the only ones out there in Chicago.. do your own research!

Cree H.
Cree H. 
I called Mark and his team to move my things 2 days before my move in date and they were happy to do it. Unlike other moving companies who ask you to do it weeks in advance. My flight got delayed and they didn’t mind that everything got pushed back a few hours. They were super careful and kind about my stuff despite moving stuff from two apartments into another apartment. They are also very familiar with the Evanston area so they know almost all the apartments and where the loading decks are located! Awesome service! Great price!

Keisha James 
We had an AMAZING experience with A&R Moving! I HIGHLY recommend them!

After dealing with a 6 hour delay (despite having made a reservation one week in advance) and the worst customer service of all time from a truly awful company called Midway Moving, IT WAS SUCH A RELIEF TO WORK WITH A&R. We called them around 7 PM (when most other places were closed or booked) and they were very friendly, offering to stop by on their way back to the office from another job. After looking around our apartment, they told us the truck they had with them was big enough and they could do the job with three movers (Midway insisted they use four…for a two-bedroom student apartment in which there was one living room set, one full bedroom set, two desks, a futon, and some boxes and smaller items).

They immediately got to work. They took the sectional apart and wrapped it in plastic, then proceeded to move the large furniture as well as the smaller items down our three-story walk-up with ease. We were already impressed by the care they took with our glass coffee table and end table, but they took it a step further by taking apart our fairly complicated platform bed quickly, and neatly packaging the various pieces. They were all very friendly and one of the men, Marcus, chatted with my mom while taking the bed apart. After about two hours, the truck was fully loaded and they drove to the storage facility. We pitched in with the smaller items to speed up the process (it was late and we knew they had already had some other jobs that day) but they did all of the heavy lifting and arranged everything inside the unit. Everything fit perfectly!

Even though it was late and they had not expected to be moving anyone at that time, they were always positive and never gave any indication that our move was an inconvenience. They were true to their original quote and did not charge us for the plastic wrap or the cardboard boxes they used. We had an EXTREMELY PLEASANT experience with A&R Moving. They were fast, efficient, and friendly and they were careful with our furniture. PLUS THEY WERE CHEAPER THAN MIDWAY! We will definitely be using them again when we move our belongings out of the unit!


Karin Fogerty
Unfortunately, we had to move sooner than we had expected, because our previous landlord was shady and incompetent. After our phone call, A & R Moving immediately sent me a team of mutants. With three professional movers, amazing efficiency, and strong arms, they moved us out of our old place and into our new place in about 5 hours. They protected our furniture, covered out televisions and even helped us rearrange some furniture that was not even on the the moving truck. They told us to sit back, relax, point out where things needed to go and they would do the rest.


Jessica Wilson 
We recently moved and used A & R Moving service. It was such a lifesaver, especially since we used a moving. They were responsive, timely, and easy to work with. Definitely recommend this business to anyone in need.

We Have Many More Satisfied Customers Testimonials

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